My postage stamp collection

Here is the virtual catalogue of my postage stamp collection.

Concept is philatelic geography, or ASOF: «a stamp from everywhere».

My plan is to collect at least one postage stamp of:

  • all existing countries of the world;
  • all past countries/colonies/territories that issued stamps;
  • all postal administrations (51 are missing according to colnect);
  • all catalogued regional/local/provisional/separatist issues;
  • all foreign post offices, occupation and plebiscite issues;
  • each historical period of the country, if the state system has changed;
  • each monarch, if the country is monarchy and rulers are depicted on stamps;
  • each spelling of the country name, if it has changed over time;
  • stamps dedicated to acquisition, annexation, return of territories;
  • special types of stamps (newspaper, postage due, airmail, official, parcel, special delivery)

In addition, I collect:

I tend to limit myself only to officially issued postage stamps.

Mostly ignored are revenue, tax, charity stamps, private mail, speculative issues.

Exception: German city post of the 19th century and post-war local mail, British private island issues.

This site is made for my convenience. I don't sell anything, don't swap anything, just showing.

With best regards, incorner.

Almost all of the stamp images are from colnect.

Year under the stamp - link to the corresponding page of the stamp on colnect.