Postage stamps of French Colonies

colonies in the past

Afars and Issas Algeria Cameroon Chad Comoros Congo Cote D'Ivoire Dahomey Djibouti French Congo French Equat. Africa French Guiana French Guinea French India French Oceania French Somali Coast French Sudan French West Africa Gabon Guadeloupe Indochina Inini Libya Madagascar Martinique Mauritania Middle Congo Morocco New Hebrides Niger Obock Senegal St. Pierre and Miquelon Togo Tunisia Ubangi-Shari Upper Volta
French Colonies
general issue (1859-)
liberation committee
map of colonies

French Equatorial Africa

Chad Gabon Middle Congo Ubangi-Shari
French Equatorial Africa
«AEF» (1936-)

French West Africa

Cote D'Ivoire Dahomey French Guinea French Sudan Mauritania Niger Senegal Upper Volta
French West Africa
«AOF» (1944-)